We work with some of Australia’s best recognised startups, providing board representation, corporate counsel and strategic advice.

We work primarily to help clients raise capital or otherwise manage key corporate transactions. However, we’re typically retained over the long term to provide ongoing advice and support, generally complementing in-house capabilities to plan, evaluate and execute important strategic initiatives.

We’ve had the privilege to serve as advisers to key clients over the entire length of their startup journeys. We’ve helped raise seed, angel and Series-A funding. We’ve helped identify, negotiate and complete key strategic acquisitions and meaningful corporate partnerships. We’ve provided oversight of the financing function and have helped guide and implement board processes. We’ve identified and recruited key executives and have helped manage leadership transitions. Along the way we’ve forged lasting, trusted relationships, and developed a deep alignment with the long term fortunes of these businesses.

The founders of EVP have long track records as successful startup investors. In July 2016, EVP partnered with Microequities Ltd, an established Australian funds, to launch the Microequities Venture Capital Fund. EVP is responsible for sourcing
 and vetting investments, for representing the Fund’s interests on the boards of individual investee companies and for ongoing portfolio management activities.

The Fund has a mandate to invest in up to ten startups, with investments in the range $0.5 million to $5.0 million in each investee company. The Fund will typically not take seed positions, but will seek to invest at the early growth stage, once early commercial revenues have been demonstrated.

Please click here for a copy of the Fund Information Memorandum and for specific further details on the Fund.