The Fund is an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP). Our investment mandate is broadly as follows: ·

  • AU$25 million under management ·
  • Targeting early Series-A investments in the range $0.5 – $5.0 million per investment ·
  • Seeking ownership stakes in the range 10% to 40% across the portfolio ·
  • Strong preference for Australian based companies ·
  • Sector agnostic with a preference for B2B SaaS platforms demonstrating early traction

The chart below demonstrates the investment track record of the EVP principals prior to the launch of the Fund. The average valuation uplift across 7 companies is in excess of 14 times, over holding periods ranging from 3 to 8 years. The Fund began actively investing as of October 2016.

Note: Of the investment shown, only HotelClub has been exited. All others are still held. The returns above are based on the carried value of the investments as determined by the value paid by new, independent third party investors.

The investment committee comprises:

  • Les Szekely, Principal of Equity Venture Partners
  • Howard Leibman, Principal of Equity Venture Partners
  • Carlos Gil, Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Microequities Asset Management
  • Craig Butcher, Independent angel investor